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Idea suggested by Martyn Keates 12 years ago

Can we create an audit trail of transactions by user so that the system manager can identify who has made errors, most transactions, etc.

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The Audit log can be found by navigating to Reports > Other > Audit log.

It is only accessible by the main contact on the account and displays a list of actions taken, the user they were taken by, the date and time they occurred at and the IP address of the machine used to access the account.


so the next step is for it to be downloadable! How can anyone search on this data if there is an issue? A new client with few transactions already has nearly 300 lines so how could I easily identify anyone who has done anything?

PS - please don't make it 4 years to resolve

It would be helpful if the audit trail were available to the accountant!!! My client (the main contact) has altered transactions and I need to know what he has changed, but I can't see the audit trail.

Catherine - the Audit log is available to me on all my clients, even where I don't pay the subscription. I should check whether the client has switched off your permission to see this!!

Martyn - you can filter the log by user, does that help?

Hi Catherine,

The Audit log is available to all Admin users. If you ask your client (the Main contact) to update your user role and appoint you as an Admin, you will be able to access the Audit trail.

Hope it helps.

Martyn, I understand where you are coming from and agree that it is a poor audit trail, you cant even click through to see the info,

However, I have found a workaround, download ALL transactions and sort by id number and you can locate it that way. (this means using date range from the year dot to current date (that is of course unless somebody has future dated any transactions, then going forward until forever, its not the best in the long term as the amoutn fo transactions increases, but all mine are fairly new to clearbooks so it is quick enough at the minute)

Audit trail shows order but no details of transactions.

Transactions shows all other details but not in audit trail order.

Hope this helps for you Martyn, and for admin to understand what it is we are trying to get at.

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