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Idea suggested by Stephen Youngs FCCA 7 years ago

It would be useful to turn off any alerts that don't apply when using the FRS. The one I have noticed is on rent receivable, where a message appears telling me that CB thinks rent receivable is outside the scope of VAT. Whilst there is of course 0% VAT on the rent invoices they do need including in the gross FRS revenue. I can imagine some would follow the advice the system gives and end up underpaying their VAT.

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for pointing this out. I totally understand what you mean and having notices only applicable to certain things would make far more sense.


Hi Stephen

I'm guessing this may be a problem with your Rent Receivable code settings, ie that the VAT code is set to outside scope (Exclude from VAT return). If you set it to 0% then you shouldn't get the warning and the income posted will appear in Box 6 of the return and the FRS VAT in box 1.

Stephen, what are we still doing up at this time?!

I have received VAT refund on my purchases now. I do not know how to remove it from the home screen where it keeps saying VAT from HMRC building up and includes all the invoices for the previous quarters that have actually been paid now.

Hi Estaq,

What you will need to do is create a VAT return in order to remove the VAT building up for HMRC for these previous quarter's invoices and ensure that the include late invoices box is ticked.

I hope this answers your questions, please feel free to get into contact with us if you need any further assistance.

All the best,


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