Display bill ref when when explaining transactions

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 8 years ago

See below screenshot:


Payment of £55.99 made, I know it relates to supplier invoice 3870 but i'm not sure which bill that is in CB without first opening them up.

Displaying the bill ref when explaining would therefore be helpful.

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Hi Kevin, Nice idea! We are always after new ways and ideas of making our system more user friendly and anything which helps us locate things in the system is great. Thanks for the idea as always.


Hi Kevin,

"I'm not sure which bill that is in CB"

Your suggestion implies that your bill ref is something descriptive?

The question is, whether this is the same for other users?

In other words, and perhaps zooming out of your own specific usage of the system, what details users need to be presented with to complete the task?

As you said, one can open the bill/invoice in a different tab to look at it. We could integrate this into this screen. The question is - what details from the bill are actually required?



That's where i'd expect to see a supplier invoice number listed.

Thanks Kevin,

Added to our backlog.

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