"Overdue" figure in unpaid invoices on dashboard?

Idea suggested by Daniel Dainty 10 years ago


I realise everyone has a different idea of what they want on the dashboard -- so do you, which is why you made it configurable -- but some more detail (configurable) on the dashboard widgets would be great.

For a start, can we have a figure for overdue invoices on the dashboard widget too? It's great that I have so much that will come in eventually, but how much of it is overdue that I can start chasing for?

Just an idea anyway.

Thanks :)

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Thanks Daniel,

That could be something that could fit within the unpaid section on the dashboard and, as you say, it could be another bespoke feature so that it does not overcrowd.

As always, the more people who want to see it the sooner it will be considered for implementation.


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