Auto save when entering invoices/credit notes etc...

Idea suggested by Cliff Wilson 8 years ago

We occasionaly lose an invoice before we save it by hitting the browser back button or something else... losing an hours work yesterday (ahh)

An 'auto save' every few minutes would be great - I am sure we are not alone.

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Hi Cliff - this is a hot topic within CB because perhaps 50% of users will not want it, or only a proportion of data entry screens would benefit.

As it happens, it is being implemented in some new functionality being written at the moment and, I agree, certainly for data rich screens like invoices/bills etc it would be a comfort to know that a draft doc is saved if I happen to leave unexpectedly, so you have my vote.

Hi Cliff and Paul,

Paul is correct, we are indeed working on implementing a new feature where data rich screens will automatically be saved as draft documents. I can't provide you with a specific time frame of the implementation of this feature, however you have my vote like Paul's, and based on these votes, this will determine the level of priority given by our development team in terms of it's implementation.

I wish you all the best,


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