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Idea suggested by Stephen Rippingale-Peters 8 years ago

We have multiple brands.

We want to be able to bill and not only apply a theme consistent with the brand, but apply payment details consistent with the brand also, i.e. the Account name being different, even though the banking sort and account number may be the same (Cheques made payable to Brand 1, Cheques made payable to Brand 2).

There is, from speaking with support, no way in which we can do this presently.

Relatively simple fix by allowing a choice of Account Name within the Invoice Theme itself and pulling in sort and account number as it currently does, or by simply making those fields on the invoice editable in their entirety and having it set within the theme in the same way payment text can be modified.

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the suggestion this will be looked into by our development team and the idea will be considered for future implementation based on the popularity of the post.

Many thanks,


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