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Idea suggested by Derek Gillanders 7 years ago

When creating a purchase and allocating an account code to an item using the dropdown list it would be really nice if the account code values were ordered A-Z rather than completely randomly as they are at present.

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Hi Derek,

The reason for this is because the Account Codes take their ordering from the numerical codes in Settings > codes > All. Revenue is first of these on many different systems. If however you would like this to be a bespoke feature that is something for our development team to think about and it would be interesting to see if other users would like to see this too. The more popular an idea, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.



I'm actually just in the process of creating my own chart to save messing around with the pre-installed one constantly and noticed this exact same issue. I'd say 90%+ of people would want nominals listed A-Z as opposed to numerically. In the meantime i'll just have a play around with the one i'm creating to see if I can get it right.

Hi guys,

Although the categories are fixed, you can alphabetise account codes by enabling the toggle on the Settings > Organisation >Toggle features menu (on the accounting tab)


Of course John, completely forgot about that. I'd just taken on a new client and got so sidetracked with creating my own chart that i'd completely forgot to run through the toggle features like I normally would.

Wouldn't it be better to be able to order codes however we like (i.e. to reflect budget/internal accounting structures)?

Hi Martin,

This sounds like a great idea I would advise you to create a separate post for this idea. This is something that our development team will then be able to look into and consider for future implementation based on the popularity of the post.

Many thanks,


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