Make a sales order into a purchase order

Idea suggested by Chris Magnusson 12 years ago

All I would need to do is change customer name into supplier name and change the prices,   

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I asked them to do this over 8 months ago.... but alas we are still waiting.

I'd like something like this to allow quick/profit analysis

Is there a reason why there is no comment from CB on this thread?


Because they want someone to pay a premium for them to implement it.... I'm starting to think that Clearbooks aren't interested in improving their offering without a serious cash reward.

I am new to CB Tony - and already am getting a bit disillusioned already with feedback to ideas.

So is there a route to pay for modifications? Not that I would but it helps to explain.

Yes, I've been quite vocal on Twitter about the way they could improve their offering and they are very quick to email you back suggesting that if you want something implementing then the only way to get it done quickly would be to pay for it.... I'm actively looking to leave Clearbooks for Xero when my end of year comes up for renewal in Aug.

I have given them the benefit of the doubt but in little over 2/3 years I've seen little or no changes to their system. They're either not interested in user comments or they simply want to fleece everyone who comes up with a simple solution to make the software better for everyone.


We are able to do this and this feature has been implemented.

Please ensure that the Purchase Order toggle feature is turned on via Settings > Organisation > Toggle Features.

Please can you to go Sales > Invoices > All and find the relevant invoice. There will be a manage link on the right hand side which will give an option to convert into a Purchase Order. It will enter the sales invoice as a reference and then give a unique PO number also.

You can convert this PO into a bill by using the create bill button under the options.

Apologies for not mentioning this before and hopefully this has helped. We do hope to make a guide on this for future reference.


I'm little confused by the "Implemented" above... I've checked 3 times but I simply can't convert an accepted quote into a Purchase Order... perhaps someone at CB could explain what they mean by implemented?

"I'm actively looking to leave Clearbooks for Xero "

Xero is more advanced and user friendly than CB in several ways. However, it cannot deal with Reverse VAT scheme so after trying it I had to give up.

Ok, just seen your previous message Vanish, however the way that you've implemented it doesn't work for me and will never work for me.

When a customer accepts my quote/estimate I don't create an invoice until the job is complete (as invariably there maybe additions to add that weren't included in the original quote/estimate). Therefore I am unable to create a PO from an accepted quote as this feature is only available "After the Horse has Bolted" so to speak.

Any idea if you plan to extend the PO creation to Accepted Quotes/Estimates?

Hello Tony,

There is no function to convert the Quote into a PO. I have added it to the weekly management meeting and I will bring it up. Hopefully they can implement it as it does have 9 likes overall.


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