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Idea suggested by Paul Scholes 8 years ago

Kevin's post on transfers spurred me to post this idea that must have also been raised a zillion times by users.

When you hit Manage Money or Money In or Money Out from the bank screen you are presented with right & left boxes without it being obvious which is which and, no matter how many times I go there, I always have to search (with a magnifying glass) for the right one to use, so how about?


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Yup, i'm with you on this one. Only a small tweak again but something that'll help save time.

Thanks Kevin - I was tempted to put them around the wrong way!

Haha, I wouldn't have even noticed!!

Hi Paul & Kevin,

Again you raise a good point. As with Kevin's original post this would add clarity, but at the same time would add consistency across the system. This would certainly be a good feature to see an make life easier all round.

Many Thanks


I would prefer they were separate and with a heading. If I click money in then it should ONLY show the money in box, same for money out. I have to check the labels each time!

haha i just noticed we have 4 ways to log money in/out. Sales > Money In Purchases > Money out Money > each bank account has 2 links

Only difference appears to be that the bank ones select the correct bank account.

Should be an easy fix then, just use the dedicated pages and pass the selected bank to it ;)

Hi James - just to explain the two extra methods you note in Sales & Purchases as they are substantially different to the Bank ones.

These are designed for payments on account. In other words if someone sends you money up front, before an invoice, or you pay a supplier a deposit against a future bill, you can use these two methods to park the money waiting for the invoice or bill against which you can allocated them. You can see the money, and do the allocation, in the "unallocated cash" section in the Money menu. Some people also use this facility for overpayments.

Having said all this there are certain technical difficulties in using this area of the software, the main one being that it does not account for VAT, so should not be used for VAT registered businesses.

I take your point that if, from the bank screen, you have chosen Money in, you should go to a Money In screen, but the reality is that the system only has one "Manage Money" page and so, the smallest redevelopment would be to only have one link on the Bank screen "Money in/out". Development time is very valuable and so keeping changes as simple as possible will give them more chance of success.

Thanks for the explanation Paul.

Probably needs to be renamed as I had no idea about that and it's slightly misleading if they are not the same thing. They look the same to me. I've never noticed the sales and purchases money in/out before. I have used the bank ones though. Perhaps they simply shouldn't appear for VAT registered businesses if they cause problems.

Hi James - I tend to think that, these days, most people will not send money on account without some document and certainly, in my business, if ever I want money up front I send an invoice for "fees in advance" and others send a pro-forma invoice.

For future ref there are help screens for both, here's the sales one:

This area, as well as some of the bank explain process, are being re-designed at the moment.


YIPEE it's only Done!!!!

Ha, took a while eh?! Looks good though. The buttons are probably a bit TOO BIG in comparison to others throughout the site if you're wanting to keep a consistent approach but that's about it. Will drop some feedback via the usual method when I get chance.

There's hope yet... ;-)

And not before time! Now how about just having a single screen for a transfer, showing both the 'from' and 'to' accounts?

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