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Idea suggested by Dave Freel 6 years ago

Regarding the tax invoices imported from Open Payroll - It would be better for the invoice generated for each member of staff to account for their own PAYE, NIC and deductions against it, rather than a single invoice for the total owed to HMRC

This would be beneficial when assigning costs to projects - As the current system completely misses out the TAX and NIC portion when a staff member is assigned to a project

It would also allow us to quickly see how much an individual staff member/department/project actually costs us in our P&L, rather than just seeing the NET salary they received

Another problem this would solve - Is we currently have two members of staff with attachment of earnings orders. When processing the payroll we deduct the appropriate amount that will be sent to the relevant court, but when the invoice is imported into Clearbooks it just imports the NET salary. The actual salary cost is that NET salary + the deduction. I therefore have to edit the invoice to reflect that their salary was actually higher than what was imported.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for posting your idea here on Community. It would certainly be interesting to see how other users feel about this issue and whether it would be something they would like to see too. As with all our ideas the more popular it is the more likely the developers are to consider it for implementation as a main feature.

All the best,


Expanding on that - ANY post-tax deduction should be imported into Clearbooks, at present they're completely missed out. A salary advance is another example

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