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Teamwork Integration

Idea suggested by Hannah Rowbotham 6 years ago

It would really help to streamline our process if Clear Books could integrate with Teamwork - does anyone else use it?

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Hi Hannah,

Thanks for your idea. We do already offer a range of integrations, but could you tell me what this particular application does?

As with all our ideas, the more comments and support it gathers the more likely it is to be considered for implementation by our developers.


Hey Chris,

Cheers for your reply.

Teamwork is a Project Manager https://www.teamwork.com/

We use it most for communicating with clients, uploading/sharing files and organising/assigning tasks to team members. Another feature we use is the "timer", which allows you to set an hourly rate and track time spent on tasks. It then creates an invoice based on the rate and time taken - it'd be brill if this (and other features) could communicate with Clear Books.


Hi Hannah,

We do currently offer a projects facility within our Together + package and that does also have a 'Timer' feature too. You can also add stock items to the system. We also have an integration with a client management system, though this is more for record purposes. Your other idea of uploading/sharing files and organising/assigning tasks is not something we currently support. However, the more popular the idea and the more votes it receives the more likely it is to be considered for implementation by our developers.

Many Thanks


Hi Chris,

We were one of your first customers and have been happy with the accounting that clearbooks offer. However we have also used teamwork for many years and the possibility of integration would completely streamline our admin/billing process.

We appreciate your efforts facilitate the needs for other clients but teamwork is much more project focused. This is something I have mentioned in the past to clearbooks and teamwork as it could save us doubling our admin tasks on a daily basis.


Thanks for your comments, Andy. They certainly add a bit more light on how users envision this and allows our team to consider whether this is feasible.

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