Ability to pause reminders on individual invoice

Idea suggested by Christophe Lamarliere 7 years ago

Often if I receive a payment for an invoice via cheque and I'm not able to find time to deposit it until at least the following week (I work by myself and usually busy during working hours). During this time my clients usually receive 1 or 2 email reminders that their invoice is overdue (I have it set to 7 day reminder), and as they have settled the invoice (sort of), this usually results in a similar email from them all asking if received the cheque and if not if I they should cancel it, I obviously have to explain I haven't deposited yet and they should ignore reminders. This obviously is not very professional.

Turning off reminders is an option for these customers but not ideal as I need to have the foresight to do this and remember to re-enable it afterwards, also this is not great if they have multiple invoices and one isn't paid.

I propose we either have one of the following;

a) Ability to mark an invoice as 'Cheque received' which suspends reminders b) Ability to suspend reminders until certain date. (More flexible)

Option B would be more flexible and my preferred solution, it would probably be helpful in a scenario where lets say you've had a agreement with the client that they can delay their payment until x date, this would save them receiving regular reminders.


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Hi Christophe,

Thanks for this. I am sure that there is enough here for us to work with and find a way of working some of these ideas into the system. The cheque received/payment being processed idea certainly sounds interesting.

Many Thanks


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