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Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 10 years ago

Whilst I can see the benefit of being able to switch the filters on/off could we possibly have the default set to on - it feels as though i'm having to switch them on constantly.

Maybe the auto on/off should be a toggle feature?

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I totally agree. With the default filter off, it adds nothing and just removes the options / de-clutters the screen. I have no idea why this has been implemented. Can someone enlighten me? A on/off filter that reduces functionality and increases the the number of clicks to get where you need to be? I am constantly having to switch the filter on. Surely if the filter button is to stay then at least give us the option to toggle it to be on by default.

Once turned on, the filters should stay on (forever, for any business, so long you are using the same computer/browser). We just didn't get to do it yet - but you'll be happy to learn that it's in the pipeline.

As for why this was done:

There are multitude of ways to find a record of interest, using filters is one of them. But not all users use filters, and even those who do don't always use them. So we've made them 'on demand' - only showing when users need them. This saves quite a bit of visual noise on the screen (and soon space as well, which will allow users to see more records).

The design guidelines behind this are:

  • Progressive Disclosure - A strategy for managing information complexity in which only necessary or requested information is displayed at any given time.
  • Signal to noise ratio - The ratio of relevant to irrelevant information in a display. The highest possible signal-to-noise ratio is desirable in design.

The filters should now stay on when turned on.

Let us know of any issues.

You mean stay on for good once you log out and back in again?

Doesn't seem to be working....

A developer is looking into this.

I've just raised this with Clearbooks too - would be great to get this changed as it is a little annoying having to do it every time!

This should be fixed within a week.

Should this still be working ok? Doesn't seem to be...

it does appear to remember my settings now. logged off CB, closed browser, logged in and the filter setting is saved. many thanks

Yes. This is now live - the filters should stay on or off.

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