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Idea suggested by Ade Rishman Adebayo 10 years ago

This more of a problem than an idea...

When you navigate to the "Overview" page of a client or supplier there is a lot missing.

Rather than have all the information stored by the user on this screen we have to go to "Edit" and click through the options in the left hand pane to really get an overview of ALL the information stored on that individual or company.

Information such as the different contacts in the company or the UTR number - VAT number - website address.... the list goes on - is buried deep in the 'Edit' section when surely this should be on show as the option "Overview" suggests.

I'm very surprised this hasn't been picked up internally at Clearbooks because it's so obvious and very annoying for the user to navigate that far for information. I remember when you added the Companies House option to the overview screen which was an improvement, however, to put things in perspective we can see CH information on the "Overview" screen but we can't see something as simple as their website address.... where are Clearbooks' priorities?

Regards Ade A

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