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Our business relies on zero valued invoices and without them we won't be able to use Clearbooks, we love the system so please could you make this a priority.


Can you give some examples of when you would give a customer a zero valued invoice?

Are there items on the invoice that are discounted to zero?


We recently purchased £xxx of gift vouchers for client giveaways. We gave away most of them, and then purchased a laptop for an employee with the remainder. The invoice shows 2 line items. 1 for the laptop, and one for a credit for the laptop value, which is the GV item. So the final cost is £0.00. We need to have this on the system as the cost of the laptop is then allocated against Office Equipment account, but currently can't as it's a zero rated item.

Another example is BT. They recently charged us for services, but then credited our account for the full amount of the invoice. It was then invoiced on a separate account. As we want to track all invoices issued by BT, so that we know we have received and accounted for all 4 quarters in a year, we need to enter the zero valued invoice, even though it doesn't require any further action.

Hope this helps.

Hi Joanna,

I am pleased to confirm that you are now able to create zero valued invoices as the feature has been successfully implemented.

Many Thanks


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