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Idea suggested by Janet Stevenson 7 years ago

It would be a really good idea if when you tick the boxes of the unpaid bills that you want to pay and then go to payment, that the total of the bills marked could appear in the total payment box. It has taken me an hour to pay one supplier today as I have a huge amount of bills to pay and the supplier statement sent to me does not add the outstanding invoices up. So I have had to manually add the months invoices together to make a total then add them again to agree my total. Which of course did not agree then I had to add them all up again. Please this is such a small thing to ask.

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Hi Janet,

Thank you for posting your idea here on Community. It would certainly be interesting to see how other users feel about this issue and whether it would be something they would like to see too. As with all our ideas the more popular it is the more likely the developers are to consider it for implementation as a main feature.

All the best,


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Hi Kevin and Janet,

There is a way of doing this (roundabout).

If you have a large payment to a supplier to explain on a bank statement, as soon as you put the supplier name in the 'To' field you will see the list of unpaid bills for this supplier. The system will then divide the payment up between them so you can allocate each amount. I realise this isn't exactly the same, but it is a roundabout way at the moment.

Hope this helps!


Thank you Chris, I am a little confused about where to go to find this. I dont need to explain it I just need to be able to pull off a printed remittance advice for my client to keep a paper copy. After a payment has been made you get the option to email the breakdown but there is no option to print it. If I am being stupid about this please point me in the right direction.

On another note it would also help to be able to see all unpaid invoices and unallocted credit notes for a given time for a given supplier so that my client could just pick up a total amount to put into the money out screen and then allocate the payment that way.

Hi Janet,

No, not at all. You are correct that there is currently no such printable report.

You are able to filter both the credit notes and unpaid invoices by date range and contact, however I am afraid that as yet it is not possible to see them on the same page.


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