Show future recurring journals on system before recurring date.

Idea suggested by Ruth Gee 6 years ago

Show future recurring journals on system before recurring date.

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Hi Ruth,

Thanks for this idea. Would you see this as a separate section where it is clear that these are yet to come? Would this be just for journals or bills/invoices too? Of course you can always consult your templates to see what is to come and when. Others' view on this would be great to hear too.


Hi Chris

It's really for accurate representation on the Proft and Loss account, so whereas we can always check the amounts owing / owed on bills and invoices they don't show which months campaign / work the amount belongs to.

It would be great if a recurring journal could be made so that, for example, a £10.000 sales receipt in January could be entered as £2500 journal between Sales and Deferred Income over the next 4 months without having to type in a separate journal for each month.

Bills and invoices will show up in the future months anyway, ie a sales invoice dated 010815 already shows in the August column in the P&L but I want to show it split between September and December as they are the months it relates to.

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