Automatic schedule to download csv/pdf reports

Idea suggested by Janet Stevenson 10 years ago

It would be a good idea to be able to set up a scheduled selection of csv reports from your reporting section so that if there ever was a problem with internet connection or with accessing the data we would at least be able to answer a question by a client. We can down load the reports needed in csv format but to have them scheduled to go every week or whatever is needed would be a really time saving item.

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Hi Janet,

Thank you for posting your idea here on Community. It would certainly be interesting to see how other users feel about this issue and whether it would be something they would like to see too. As with all our ideas the more popular it is the more likely the developers are to consider it for implementation as a main feature.

Personally, I think it's a very advantageous feature for a software that requires internet connection to access data.

All the best,


Hi - I think that this (or something like it) has been requested before.

What I do is say every quarter, use the export tool to export all the CSVs I want as well as say a TB. Using the export or reports menu to tag your favourite reports and then set them for auto download (as currently happens with backups) would be very handy.

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