Draft invoice: It's not clear what "Update" or "Save" buttons do

Idea suggested by Daniel Dainty 10 years ago


A little frustration with the draft invoices... the two buttons at the bottom.

Update sounds like it's going to update the draft invoice. Save sounds like it's going to do that too. Neither of them sound like it is going to convert it to a full proper invoice and mail it to the customer (if the 'opt in' is enabled).

Perhaps two buttons such as "Save Draft" and "Save and Approve Invoice" would help this?

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Hmm... this was posted as an 'idea' not a problem

Been meaning to mention this one for a while. Buttons need renaming...

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the idea this is definitely an idea for Roey our UX designer to look into.

Please, I to forget the save, means that a new invoice will be created and not save what I have done

Also, once you click the wrong option and accidentally convert a draft into an invoice there's no way to change it back to a draft.

This either needs the buttons to be renamed for clarity and/or allow an unpaid invoice to be converted back to draft.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your suggestion. I can see this add value to the quotes feature on CBs. However for the time being, if you do click the wrong button (i.e. the create invoice button), you can simply click out of this page and this should prevent the quote from being converted into an invoice.

Nevertheless, it would be helpful if there was an undo convert button for invoices converted from a quote.

Kind Regards,



I wasn't referring to quotes. It's when you edit a draft invoice. I often create a draft and then update it as my project progresses.

The buttons at the bottom read 'Update' and 'Save'. As mentioned at the top of this discussion it's a bit confusing as to which of these will save the draft and which will change it into a live invoice.

The text on the buttons either needs to be made clearer e.g., "Save Draft" and "Save and Approve Invoice" as suggested by Daniel or there needs to be a way of changing a draft that was accidentally turned into an invoice back into a draft.

I've accidentally converted a draft into an invoice so many times that I've got a note on my computer to remind me which button I need to press to save and keep it as a draft.

Hope this makes sense.


Hi Phil,

My apologies for not reading your post clearly, Yes, it would definitely be beneficial if the buttons were labelled to read more clearly what they do.

This will be something for our UX designer Roey to have a look into implementing on the software as it is a user interface enhancement.

I will therefore bring this post to his attention and update you on the progress of this idea.



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