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CIS invoices: We can't edit a CIS invoice when we post it on the system. Sometimes this is a nuisance, is there a way around it

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This is possibly the most annoying thing for me at present. I'm continually unattaching an attachment, copying and voiding CIS invoices just to do the slightest of adjustments like change the project the items are valued against. Does it really matter if the invoice is edited once it's been saved? surely the only thing that matters is whether the bottom line figure changes and if the invoice had already been paid out on......I've just had to void an CIS invoice that had already been saved, paid out on and saved on a CIS return and sent to HMRC just so I could change the job it was billed to. Now when I look as that month's CIS return it shows it as a voided invoice with the date of '1 January 1970' on it in the return view. This is ridiculous.....Now when i search for invoices further back to include in a new return the new invoice I had to create just to be able to change the project it was assigned to now shows up as not being included in a return when I already know it has. ...... This is just adding more confusion to the matter. Clearbooks need to sort this out.

Hi Linda,

I am pleased to confirm that you are now able to edit your CIS invoices as the feature has been successfully implemented.

Many Thanks


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