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Idea suggested by Stephen Vickers 7 years ago

We often break large invoices down in to multiple recurring invoices. I'd love it if I could put something like 1 of 10 in to the invoice and for that to update itself when the second invoice is raised (to 2 of 10 if that's not clear). Currently I have to check the previous invoice and edit the new one to the correct value.

Also, and this is minor, I'd love to be able to template the file names of invoices generated. Instead of it just being the invoice number I'd like to be able to choose how it is formatted, for example with the customer name at the end. It makes finding and sorting them easier but again, I do it manually at the moment.

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Hi Stephen,

You can set up recurring invoices on Clear Books and as part of that you can choose the frequency and total number of occurrences for these invoices. Whilst it will not say 1/10 unless you manually add this, if you go into the template it will list each of the previous occurrences with the dates.

As for the second point; you can apply a theme to the template and therefore there is a certain amount of formatting possible. Please navigate to Settings > Invoice Themes > Create and then add the details between the different tabs.

If you can provide me with more details i will try to answer in more detail, Stephen.


HI there

Sorry, don't think I was very clear. My idea was it would be nice feature to include the '1 of 10' on an invoice line and for that to increment as each recurring invoice is generated.

On the second point, I was just referring to the generated pdf file name as opposed to the design.


Thanks for the clarification Stephen.


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