Claiming expenses (mileage and other) needs to link to smartphone app

Idea suggested by Cassandra Tongue 9 years ago

This would be really helpful... click and link on the go... document your travel expns so not wasting time monthly or back in office trying to remember all of your journey details.

Take a look at iclaimit (iphone app) for ideas.

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Or integration with

Hello Cassandra,

I was going over the past mobile app expenses ideas and wanted to update you.

Currently the app does not allow for mileage but you will be able to file normal travel expenses. This is now on the mobile app and it live.

Please can you look at the guide below on how it works on the Clear Books system.

Also, Jon, the main desktop site is integrated with Receipt Bank but the mobile app will not be integrated. Hope that helps.

Here is the guide on our Receipt Bank integration.

Hope that helps.


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