What we're working on -- 20th March 2015

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We want to continue to keep you all updated, hopefully more regularly, with both what we’re working on and what we have achieved over the past couple of weeks.

Let us know in the comments if there’s anything you’d like us to elaborate on:

What we have done

  • We’ve made the add/ edit controls next to select customer/supplier fields clearer when creating an invoice, bill or explaining an imported transaction
  • We’ve enabled users to track zero-rated tasks, which provides an easy way to record hours that you worked on tasks for which you aren’t charging a fee
  • Users can now see a total for all pages on the list of timesheets in time tracking as opposed to just the current page, which is what it was previously.
  • We’ve enabled users to specify a default contact in the CC field so it doesn’t have to be entered manually every time. Customers already had the ability to set a default BCC so this makes the process more consistent.
  • Users are now able to specify the date of issue for dividends . Previously, dividends would be dated to the day of their creation in Clear Books, which means that essentially you can now back date dividends
  • Users can now also specify a shareholder's brought forward shares in the share register.


  • A warning will now show when a user tries to create a digital service invoice for a VAT registered business.
  • You can also now generate a report of all invoices that have digital services included for a specific calendar quarter. You can then export the report either as a CSV or PDF. To use this feature, navigate to Reports > Tax > Vat Moss
  • We’ve also optimised the VAT widget so that the dashboard loads faster, which will be particularly useful for customers with lots of invoices

Final Accounts

Directors who joined after the reporting period can now sign reports. Users will be warned if a director has no start date. Notes will now be part of the balance sheet and will no longer be separate.

We have also fixed over 60 bugs over the past fortnight. For example, a deleted transaction on an import is now considered as an explanation.

What we are doing

Over the coming fortnight, developers will be working on the following tasks:

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Hi Matthew - that's a good question. When we plan out what we are working on in our product meetings we look at a number of factors including:

  • Community likes
  • Development time and complexity
  • How many users we think will benefit
  • Internal demands
  • Regulatory changes (e.g. some things we just have to do VAT MOSS, new payroll year)

Sometimes we also take lots of small ideas and implement them as an iterative change to a larger feature e.g. some of the many changes we have made to the bank import tool recently would individually not have had many votes but as a collective has a strong community vote.

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