Final Accounts Update - 31st March 2015

News posted by David Mays 8 years ago

As it has been a couple of weeks, we figured it would be nice to post a status update on what we've been doing with Final Accounts. The changes below have been made in the past couple of weeks.

As always - PL, BS and DPL refer to "Profit & Loss", "Balance Sheet" and "Detailed Profit & Loss" respectively.

  • [New] We have made a number of back-end changes to Final Accounts to make things a lot quicker. You should notice that page loads should be a lot faster.
  • [New] Any director who has joined since the end of the reporting period can now sign the report.
  • [New] The Taxonomy Browser will now "follow" you when you scroll down a long PL or DPL report.
  • [New] If a Director does not have a 'Start Date' set in Accounting, a warning will be displayed on the Directors page.
  • [Chg] The DPL page now only loads the DPL Hypercube into the taxonomy browser, to make things quicker.
  • [Chg] Notes have been moved to the Balance Sheet, rather than being in their own section as they were before.
  • [Chg] The Accountant's Report is now appended with the Accountant address. The signing date can be specified on the Signing page.
  • [Chg] Final Accounts now refers to "period" rather than "year", where applicable.
  • [Chg] Any £1 rounding difference is now correctable.
  • [Fix] Confirming the Profit & Loss no longer un-confirms the Balance Sheet.
  • [Fix] Note templates with already-tagged placeholders will no longer be un-tagged when you try to replace their contents.
  • [Fix] "Called up share capital not paid" on BS is now populated.

One additional change is that Bookkeeping Partners now also have access to Final Accounts as well as our Accounting Partners.

Known issues

This is a list of some of the known issues that are currently being worked on by the Final Accounts team:

  • If a signature has not been set, you cannot preview the PDF.
  • Unhelpful "Your account is broken" message if your Balance Sheet does not balance.
  • Multiple Secretaries all have the same XBRL context applied.
  • If you are using Final Accounts for a company's first (incorporation) year, a row for the previous year is shown when there should be none.


Shortly, we will be sending emails out to anyone who has accessed Final Accounts since the beta started. This email will invite you to give us some feedback about your thought on Final Accounts so far - and should give us an indication if anything needs to be changed before Final Accounts is officially launched.

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Can you please tell me when submission will be available to HMRC and Companies House?

The xbrl and Pdf final versions drop 1 item of expenditure from the report on the 2015 accounts. The item shows up in the first P & L but is missing from the detailed version and subsequently is missing from the final reports. Worked fine in the 2014 accounts. Attached are the line items for comparison.



I'd like to test the beta Final Accounts - how do I go about using this software?

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