'Daily cash balance' graph update

News posted by Chris Storey 7 years ago

We’ve made some improvements to the ‘Daily cash balance’ graph on the Clear Books dashboard, enabling you to see a more accurate representation of your balance over time.

What is it and what does it do?

The ‘daily cash balance’ graph appears on your Clear Books dashboard, and shows your cash balance over a period of time. This can be for individual bank accounts, for the total of all your bank accounts, or for the total of all bank accounts excluding loans.

Previously the graph didn’t take into account days where there were no transactions - it now uses data from every day regardless of the number of transactions, so you'll see a straight horizontal line if your balance remained unchanged for several days.


How do I start using it?

This feature will be in Clear Books Preview until December 14th, when it will become a permanent feature in all accounts.

To turn this feature on and see the new version of the graph on your dashboard straight away, click Preview in the drop down menu at the top of your dashboard or click here.

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