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News posted by Chris Storey 7 years ago

Our user experience team have been reviewing the style and presentation of Clear Books features, and invoices are the first to benefit from our new, updated buttons.

What is it and what does it do?

When you go to Sales > Invoices, you can click on any particular invoice to see it in full. When viewing the invoice, you can also allocate a quick payment, view it as a PDF, email the invoice and a whole host of other actions.

Our new design should make invoices more intuitive for users, as it is clearer what the expected actions are from clicking a button on this page.

The design team have been building a style guide to create a more consistent experience for our users. As part of this, the UX team have conducted research on buttons and recommended a change be made to the way we use and present them in Clear Books. This is the start of many tweaks and changes to components across the system.

The old design:


The new design:


What do people need to do to start using it?

This new layout will be available to turn on or off in Clear Books Preview until 14th January, when it will become a permanent feature in all accounts.

To turn this update on and see the new layout straight away, click Preview in the drop down menu at the top of your dashboard or click here.

Once you’ve turned the update on, head to Sales > Invoices and click on any invoice number.

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As per my comments on the new supplier list, I really like the clean look of the new buttons; looks really smart.

Part of me does wonder if it would be enhanced by some graphics/icons. I know this can add a lot of work to the UX design process, especially to get any icons 'right', but I think it can add some value. Microsoft seem to have done a reasonable job with the new Office icons, with subtle colouring, IMHO.

It may look out of place, but perhaps some 'standard' icons for common actions - such as adding (+), removing/voiding/deleting (-), PDFs - etc would be a good start.

Just my thoughts... I appreciate that UI design can be a very emotive subject!

Hi Simon,

Many thanks for your feedback. I will make sure our Design Team sees your comment and they may take your suggestions on board for any future updates.

All the best,


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