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News posted by Chris Storey 7 years ago

We’ve made some changes to the way outstanding balances are shown for your contacts who are listed as both a customer and supplier in Clear Books.

What is it and what does it do?

Previously, the ‘net’ balance of sales and purchases for such customers was shown on your dashboard and also in customer/ supplier lists - e.g for a contact with an outstanding invoice of £100 and an outstanding bill of £60, the overall balance of £40 was shown.

Now, you’ll see the relevant balance depending on the context - e.g £100 in the customer list and £60 in the supplier list.

We’ve made this change based on feedback from our customers and hope you find it useful in giving you a clearer picture of what you owe, and what is owed to you.

How do I start using it?

You will need to have at least one contact who is both a customer and supplier, and who has both invoices and bills outstanding, to see any effect from this change.

This feature will be available to turn on or off in Clear Books Preview until 14th January, when it will become a permanent feature in all accounts.

To turn this update on straight away, click Preview in the drop down menu at the top of your dashboard or click here. Once you’re on the Preview page, turn the feature on and you’ll then start seeing the change on the sales/ purchase areas of your dashboard and on your customer and supplier lists.

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A great idea! This will be much easier to understand than showing the net position in both Sales and Purchases.

Thank you! This was a crazy 'feature' as it was... this change is very welcome indeed, I'll enable it immediately.

Hi Rob/ Simon

Thanks for your feedback - it's great to hear you're happy with this update! If you have any additional feedback please do let us know via the 'Give feedback' link on the Preview page.


Just looked at this in Preview, and it's much better! I have a client where I occasionally purchase small items from them, and it was quite confusing seeing the 'blend' in the old way of doing things. I can easily see this will be useful for most other ClearBooks users too. Nice work!

So how do I offset a sales invoice against a purchase from the same contact?

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