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Improvements to the 'date picker' calendar within Clear Books

News posted by Tom Smith 4 years ago

From Today, you might have noticed a few changes to the 'date picker' calendar in your account.

We've made some simple changes to the calendar interface, primarily to make it more logical to use. The visual cue which represented the current date on the previous design was misleading users, as they mistook this as signifying the selected date.

We have now tweaked the design so that the selected dates are clearly defined when you first land on the page. We have reduced the number of colours used which was the main problem and simplified it. The bold colour means you have selected a date and the light grey highlights the current date.

The image below gives an example of how it has changed. For this example, the 'current date' is 23rd February and the 'date selected' is 11th February.


By doing this, we hope to marginally shorten the learning curve for our new users but also give it a fresh lick of paint for our seasoned users. Other than the visual changes, you can expect the same functions as before until we plan another iteration in the future.

Simply log in to your Clear Books account to see the updated design automatically!

2 Replies

I think a far bigger fault was when you 'increase' a month with the arrow key on a month end date

Say date is 31 March. if you increase the month '03' to '04', then the date drops back to 30th (as only 30 days in April). if you increase again to '05', the date remains on 30 ie not the last day of the month. This is a massively irritating aspect of a fantastically improved feature

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your feedback. I will pass your comments on to our Developers and see if they can come up with a way to change that so that it works as you would expect.

All the best.

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