Shiny new look for Subscriptions - part 1

News posted by Hemi Trenholm 9 years ago

Updates to Subscriptions - part 1

Here at Clear Books we care about keeping things clear and simple and have been busy giving our subscriptions area an update. This update includes our fresh new look and some changes under the hood.

What has changed?

  • Introducing the checkout page allowing you to clearly see what subscriptions you are signing up for

What is it and what does it do?

The subscriptions area lets you manage what services you use from Clear Books, mainly our Accounting, Payroll and HR software. You can also view what you’ve paid for and change how you pay for it from the subscriptions area too.

The checkout page in particular lets you review which plan you have selected, apply a discount code, and see a breakdown of VAT. You are also able to go back and choose another plan or payment method should you change your mind. This helps you to check that you’re happy with everything before confirming your selection and paying.


Why have we made this change?

The fresh new look brings further consistency to our application as we gradually switch over to the new style. We know that some customers found our subscription area confusing and were sometimes locked to one page so we read all of your feedback and took this to create something great.

Who will use it?

All our customers at one time or another will find themselves in our subscription area, but in particular new customers and accountants.

How do I start using it?

Just head to the Subscription area. You will encounter the checkout page once you select a different plan and click the 'confirm and pay' button. The changes are live for everyone now!

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