New CIS monthly return - part payments now included

News posted by Hemi Trenholm 9 years ago

Here at Clear Books we care about keeping things clear and simple and have been busy giving our CIS return an update. This update includes our fresh new look and some changes under the hood. We hope you enjoy our simple CIS monthly returns.

New features:

  • Added support for part paid purchase bills which will show as ‘approved’
  • Added support for bills adjusted by credit notes which will show as ‘credited’
  • Notify you when there are undeclared payments in a previous period so you never miss a late bill again
  • New list to display all of your previously created returns making it easier to locate your return

What is it and what does it do?

Everything the original monthly return did but now includes part payments. This is depicted in the tables, with rows showing the breakdown of each payment that makes up the bill including credit notes.


Why have we made this change?

The fresh new look brings further consistency to our application as we gradually switch over to the new style. This included replacing the drop down of previously created returns with a list, making it much easier and quicker to find the one you want. Previously part payments weren’t included, now we’ve added them in so you can declare your CIS payments to HMRC each month. Finally, to keep things clear the system now notifies you when you have bills that were fully paid but added to the system after a CIS return was created for the month they appear in.

Who will use it?

Our customers who are contractors under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and want to submit the monthly return showing payments you’ve made to subcontractors to HMRC.

How do I start using it?

The ‘New CIS monthly return’ toggle has been automatically enabled for you. Just head to Reports > CIS > Monthly return

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