Aren't these new post types great!

News posted by David Normington 12 years ago

Did you know you can create different post types!

When creating a post the drop down above the title changes the type of post. Currently you can post:

  • an idea

  • a question

  • a problem

  • an opportunity

  • a praise

    So if you have a question about how to perform a certain action or if a feature exists or how a feature of ours works then you can post that kind of post to the network. If you are having trouble with an area of Clear Books or accounting in general, then post a problem and let the whole community help!

    We also have different forums now. If your post is related to the Clear Books accounting package then you can post in the Clear Books forum. Similarly for Open Payroll, Partners and the Network itself!

    We hope you enjoy, exploring the new layout of the network and joining the community in making Clear Books a better place to do your accounting!

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Thanks Matthew. There will be other changes to the help section of clear books in the coming weeks, some of which will integrate the network better. :)

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