Introducing the CIS suffered report

News posted by Hemi Trenholm 9 years ago

We love listening to your feedback and releasing new things, this month we are very excited to introduce our brand new suffered report for our CIS customers.

What is it and what does it do?

This report shows all of your transactions that had CIS suffered (deducted) from your paid sales invoices. You may use this figure to reclaim CIS deductions by making an Employer Payment Summary (EPS) submission if you are a limited company and in your self assessment in other cases. You would then need to deduct this amount from the bill to HMRC that's created when you run payroll through Clear Books and import into accounts.


How does it benefit you?

We want to make your life simpler and offer an effective solution for complying with the Construction Industry Scheme. We know our customers on community have been asking for this addition and we are very pleased to know offer this as part of our CIS solution.

Who will use it?

Our customers who are subcontractors under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and wish to reclaim CIS deductions made from payments received for work in the construction industry.

How do I start using it?

Head to Preview, select the 'Configure company wide features' and turn the ‘CIS suffered report’ toggle on. Then head back to accounting and navigate to Reports > Overview > CIS > Suffered report. We also have a clear & simple support guide to get you started with using this handy new feature.

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how do we turn on the suffered report - cant find an option for this?

Hi Tony,

You need to be the admin member of the group to do this. If you are then follow these steps below:

  1. Head to


  1. Click on the 'Configure company wide features' tab and click the green 'Preview' button for the suffered report as shown below.


Note: there is a group selector in the top right hand corner should you want to change client/account and enable it for each of them in turn.

Hope this helps :)

would be really good if you could lock down the report like you do for CIS on subcontractors - this would allow better control over payments added on late

Haven't had the chance to go through this properly yet but this is about 4 years overdue!!

This is a massive improvement - not perfect but a lot better than having nothing to work with over the previous 4 years.

As mentioned previously this is well, well overdue and should really have been looked at when the CIS feature was launched.

Since day one I've been working out these figures manually using a combination of bank statements and paid invoice information from Clear Books. It is very long winded and open to errors. This new feature will save a lot of time and allow everyone to check the figures presented on the EPS almost instantly.

As a seasoned CIS user may I suggest the following:

1 - As mentioned by Tony Crundell, to make this effective it would be ideal if these reports could be restricted to reporting dates only, and locked down so they build up over time (similar to the way the reports are gathered for the CIS return for subcontractors).

2 - Could you possibly think about a combined CIS report based on the both the CIS deducted and suffered for the year to date. Currently I take the figures from Clear Books and build my own Excel spreadsheet. It's an uncomplicated 3 column table but it does take a bit of time and I have to update it every month. The spreadsheet is as such: CIS suffered for the month in the first colum; CIS deducted from subcontractors for the month in the next; and amount due to the revenue as PAYE for the month/ amount in credit for the month (a formula equation of the first two columns) in the final column.

This report would validate the whole CIS feature in Clear Books and allow us to check the figures from all sides without manually having to work it out.

You are making steps with these features after years of neglect but it needs a little more tweaking to make bulletproof.

Regards Ade A

Hi Ade,

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your feedback, we love hearing how you think Clear Books can be improved.

I will note these ideas as improvements for consideration in the future.

Once the product team finish their current roadmap we will be evaluating ideas such as these which have gained support from other users.



Hi Hemi

Thanks... however we've been here before many times. Why introduce something that's not fully functional? Why wasn't this implementation consulted fully before production so the improvements required do not have to be 'considered' because they are already on the roadmap?

As touched upon yesterday and on numerous other occasions, the CIS features of Clear Books have never been fully functional and this can only be attributable to a lack of understanding or research. I've been waiting for over 4 years for serious improvements that would benefit all users of the feature.

Obviously I have no knowledge of number of subscribers actively using the feature (maybe it's not enough to warrant the time and effort to improve) but surely this needs proper attention to avoid a repeat of the current issues Clear Books have been having with the reporting of the CIS figures to HMRC.

CIS is very, vey simple but time consuming and costly when not processed correctly. Clear Books have an opportunity to be the leading accounts software for CIS in this country which could be a massive selling point. But why are you not taking this opportunity?


Ade A

Hi Ade

We work with our dedicated Product team accountant to establish requirements when creating new features. However we have a limited amount of development resource to work with, so inevitably not everything we wish to implement gets made in the first few iterations before we have to move on to other priorities on our road map.

We will return to this report in future to further improve it.

Best wishes


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