Visual update to the dividends tool

News posted by Darren Taylor 6 years ago

Visual update to the dividends tool

The Clear Books product team are gradually rolling out a new design for the Clear Books accounting application in keeping with our brand new style guide. This time it's the turn of our handy dividends tool to benefit from the clear & simple design.

What is it and what does it do?

Head to Tools > Dividends, to see your dividends history, create new dividends, manage shareholders and more.

Our new design makes things more intuitive for our users, as button placement and colours/size become consistent across the application. We’ve also eliminated confusing icons so that you can be confident what each action will do. Have a look below at our before and after screenshots:

Dividends overview before: My Picture Title

Dividends overview after: My Picture Title

Create dividend before: My Picture Title

Create dividend after: My Picture Title

Shareholders before: My Picture Title

Shareholders after: My Picture Title

Add shareholder before: My Picture Title

Add shareholder after: My Picture Title

Shareholder before:

My Picture Title

Shareholder after: My Picture Title

Applying our style guide will create a more consistent experience for our users which also provides greater support for accessibility and tablet users. Look out for similar changes across the application in later updates.

What do people need to do to start using it?

This new layout will be available to turn on or off in Clear Books Preview until 15th September, when it will become a permanent feature in all accounts.

To turn this update on and see the new layout straight away, click Preview in the drop down menu at the top of your dashboard.

Once you’ve turned the update on, head to Tools > Dividends and enjoy the new look.

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