New easier upload tool

News posted by Darren Taylor 6 years ago

New easier upload tool

The Clear Books product team are gradually rolling out a new clear & simple design for the Clear Books accounting application in keeping with our brand new style guide. The latest change has been to our upload tools which sees a swanky new upload area.

What is it and what does it do?

Head to Tools > Import > Overview, to upload sales invoices, customers, bank statements & more*.

Our new upload area gives you a larger target area on screen which will benefit those who like to do their accounting on the move using tablets. New drag & drop facility for quicker uploading - simply drag your file into the upload area, or use the traditional file browser by clicking the upload area.


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Empty state (drag your file here)

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File selected & ready to be uploaded

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What do people need to do to start using it?

This new field will be available to turn on or off in Clear Books Preview until 15th September, when it will become a permanent feature in all accounts.

To turn this update on and see the new layout straight away, click Preview in the drop down menu at the top of your dashboard.

Once you’ve turned the update on, head to Tools > Import > Overview and select an import option. Then drag your files to your hearts content!

*excludes the Freshbooks and Batch uploads

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I like the layout but would like to have more options in some of the imports for instance in your Sales payments import which we use for clients there are only three fields, however you have a line which says ignore. If this gave the option for some detail to be imported when it goes into the bank account rather than everything saying payment in the narrative it could import the name of the account that it refers to. At the moment if we need to look at any detail when we are reconciling the imports we have to drill down into the account to find out the name of the customer that the payment refers to. This takes us ages and could be so easy for you to change.

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