Account code templates removal

News posted by Darren Taylor 6 years ago

Account code templates removal

If you are familiar with the account codes template feature you will know that it allows you to create a snapshot of your current account codes list and then apply that snapshot to different organisation in Clear Books. This feature is primarily useful to partners who can be managing hundreds of organisations. A partner can create a master chart of accounts template and apply it to the new organisations as and when they bring them on.

The client template feature is another feature which helps accountants set up a new account. Using a client template when onboarding a new client, an accountant can populate the chart of accounts, toggle features, email settings, invoice preferences and other system settings according to the template. You can find out more in our guide to setting up a template account.

As part of some work to identify problems with the account codes, our engineers have found defects with the account codes template feature which, under certain circumstances, can corrupt your account codes set. This prompted us to review the situation which led us to the following conclusions.

  • We have two features which have duplication in functionality
  • The account codes template feature can only set up your account codes
  • The client template feature configures account codes as well as a number of other areas of the system
  • The account codes template has some defects

Given the above we have decided to withdraw the account codes template feature.

To help customers transition away from using the account codes template, we will be giving you some time during which the account codes templates will still work. We will continue to allow customers to use this feature up to the 6th October.

We are contacting any customer who has used the account codes template in the last month, to help them with the transition. If you want to contact the support team with any questions, you can find their details in our support centre.

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Hi Darren

Just to confirm so i'm clear: will we still be able to adapt our own codes within the client template feature or is it simply being removed full stop therefore leaving us left with only the default chart which will then need to be manually modified each time?

Hi Kevin

The Client Template feature allows you to set up your own set of Nominal Account Codes (just as you could with the Account Code Template) , as well as setting up relevant combinations of toggle feature settings so it actually provides even more capability to make setting up new clients even easier.

HI Phil

So I think you've answered my Q in a roundabout way. We'll still be able to setup predefined nominals within the client template, just not standalone nominal templates as we have done in the past.

Hi Kevin

Many of our partners create multiple Client Templates to cater for different sizes and types of client. When they bring on board a new client, they simply select the Client Template that they wish to assign. The template doesn't have to include toggle feature settings, so you could create a template that only generates the Nominal Account Listing if that's what you require.

I'd be happy to set up a quick demo for you if you think it would be useful.

Hi Phil. More than comfortable with how it all works so not needed, but thanks. I was literally just confirming that we would indeed still be able to create a nominal template in some form as I didn't think the main post was 100% clear.

Hi Kevin

Just to clarify, it's the accounting feature that's being removed (see screenshot), the one where you can create a template of the business's chart of accounts and save it to a directory available to all businesses, so nothing to do with the Partner area template feature.

The only time I've ever used it was to provide another Iris using partner with an example of one of my client's chart so that he could set up his clients using it. This was OK but it couldn't be saved as a client template in the Partner area and so was of limited use.


Hi Paul

Yup, got it now, thanks. Think I probably used it at the outset but not for a while now. I was more just double checking the feature wasn't also being ditched within the client template itself which it's obviously not.

Hope you're well...

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