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News posted by Darren Taylor 6 years ago

Over recent months we have been rolling out a new style guide for Clear Books.

The reason we are doing this is to ensure a modern and consistent approach to layout, colours, icons, grids and fonts that is more accessible on the web and via tablets.

Although many pages and features have had the new style applied to them, this week a highly used page underwent the design update, the create invoice page.

To reduce the impact of change we have been putting new pages in Preview for 30 days so customers have time to try new pages or features and switch back to the old approach if needed. You can read more about this update and future updates in our latest blog post

Regards, Darren

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Its rubbish

Layout is bad. Pop down menu of names doesn't work correctly, Text is too big and different to other part of the site.

We want the old layout back.!!

Interesting. As a product designer, I appreciate the design process and hope I can provide some constructive feedback:

  • From a usability standpoint, it's difficult to tell at a glance what's a text field vs a dropdown. Field labels now appear within the boxes, so I'm not sure where I should click.

  • Your columns include fields that should be in a different column. For example the Item and Account mix here:, when they should be separated.

  • It's now not as clear what exactly the Description is supposed to be used for, as it takes up a full width position beneath all of the columns.

  • The links beneath the fields are quite tight, and the text doesn't explain which field they are connected to: Changing the labels from just "Add" to "Add [fieldname]" would be super helpful. For example: "Add Item", "Add Customer" etc

Do you have any instructions for reverting to the previous design for now?

When they say about reverting back that is if you have enabled the preview. Once they roll out a design you are stuck with it.

I don't know how this got even anywhere near being rolled out for all users. It's massive failure and clear books have gone very quiet over this. I'm moving our accounts to another package after year end as the response from their CEO is beyond arrogant and they very clearly don't care what we think.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your feedback on the recent invoicing design update.

We have taken on board all of the feedback we have received in the last 48 hours.

Please see this blog post with the latest update on the matter. You will be able to revert to the previous version for the time being and before releasing the updated version in future, we will actively seek your input.

Kind Regards, Darren

Seriously? Seriously! We've changed to a design whereby a single line of an invoice takes up over a third of my screen real estate! No, please no. Make it mobile friendly for sure, but don't inflict a 'touch friendly' interface on everyone.

Seriously unimpressed with this change!


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