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News posted by Iain Pretty 5 years ago


I have developed a Zap that links to Clearbooks API on Zapier.

Currently this CreatesInvoice only (as that was our main challenge) but if there was interest we can expand. We have this linked to a new row on Google Sheets but you can link to any trigger that provides the necessary data to complete an invoice.

Contact me if you want more info (office AT

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I'm using and would like to know more


This sounds great as I have had a play with Workatoo to create a Clearbooks invoice with no success. I have sent an email to office at asking for further info ie how can I access the Zap that you have created. Look forward to hearing from you soon


I have not heard back is there another email address we can contact you on or have you made the Zap open to the Zapier community regards


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