Bugs fixed Week ending 15th April

News posted by Aran Samaroo 3 years ago

Below is a list of the bugs fixed during the week ending 15th April. Please report any problems affecting your account as a new Problem or by emailing support@clearbooks.co.uk

  • Duplicate Template account name For Partner Accounts, you are able to create template accounts to simplify the setup of your clients' accounts. However, if a duplicate name was used for multiple templates, the system would have thrown up a Whoops Error. Our developers have now adjusted this so that users will see a specific error message regarding the duplicate template name.

  • Creating Payments with no accounting period Previously, when creating unallocated payments where there is no accounting period set, the system failed silently. Our developers have now amended this such that the necessary accounting period checks are now in place and would throw an error message.

  • Error when accessing VAT Moss Report Recently users’ had experienced a Whoops Error message when accessing the VAT Moss report, our developers have now resolved the bug causing this issue.

  • Updating VAT treatment without changing VAT rate In the past, when editing the VAT treatment of an invoice with Out of Scope, the system would not update the VAT treatment. This is due to a system validation mechanism in place so that if Exclude from VAT return was selected, the treatment can only be Out of Scope. Our developers have now implemented an error message to alert users to update the VAT rate.

  • Unallocated cash amounts linked to journals Creating journals which Dr/Cr bank accounts was generating an unallocated cash amount, we have stopped this going forward.

  • Wrong currency code used for New Belarusian roubles Previously, a bug had caused the system to display the incorrect currency code for the New Belarusian roubles, which has now been corrected to BYN.

  • Overallocated multi-currency payments on Aged reports A multicurrency bug that displayed penny amounts outstanding on the aged reports. This was caused by the rounding of multiple payments allocated to an invoice.

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