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Bugs fixed Week ending 22nd April

News posted by Aran Samaroo 2 years ago

Below is a list of the bugs fixed during the week ending 22nd April. Please report any problems affecting your account as a new Problem on the community or by emailing support@clearbooks.co.uk.

  • Accounting period not generated automatically Due to an upgrade to our new subscription system, a slight defect came into light, where the system did not automatically create new accounting periods. Our developers have now resolved this issue and all missing accounting periods will have been generated.

  • Lock all future dates not correctly displayed A recent UI bug had been causing the ‘Lock all future dates’ tickbox to display incorrectly, this in turn resulted to error messages appearing upon creating invoices, but has now been resolved.

  • Create invoice - when Qty equals 0 or less Our developers have now released a fix which now prevents users from inputting a quantity value of 0. This issue posed a potential calculation defect, which fortunately, has been identified and resolved.

  • Manual VAT amount field on opening Creditors/Debtors Due to our new Pacioli layout improvements, as a side-effect, the VAT amount field was not displaying for the manual VAT rate when inputting opening creditors and debtors balance. This has now been resolved.

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