Improvement: Add a description for each line of the journal

News posted by John Fouracre 7 years ago

We have updated journals so that you can now add a separate description for each line of the journal:


Additionally, the journal (and transaction) overview will display the summary


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John & team. That's brilliant news and a really useful bit of functionality for ClearBooks journals. Thank you!

"One small step" worth waiting for - Thanks John

That's great and very useful. But can we now have an 'add row' functionality in journals just like all other input screens in CB?

Hi Michael,

We currently do not have an 'add row' function, however, we do have a field where you can adjust the number of lines you require on the journal.

Is this what you require?


Hi Tommy

I know the number of rows adjustment box is there, but it's inconsistent with the rest of the site. It's more intuitive and easier to use if you could add a row as you need them, in a similar way as rows on an invoice, bill or expense claim.

Not a big problem, but it does stick out.


Hi Michael,

Ah I see, I will raise this with our developers as it currently isn't on our roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!

Much appreciated,


Hi Tommy

Just to reinforce Michael's suggestion, it's always been a long lasting nagging defect to have to enter the number of lines you want.

The methodology Michael suggests is the way that practically every other cloud accounting app works. Some in fact automatically add a blank line below the one you've just created, rather than expect you to add one yourself.

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