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News posted by John Fouracre 4 years ago

Following on from allowing refunds to be explained in bulk on an imported statement, our development team have now added the ability to explain transfers in bulk.

When creating a lookup rule, you can select Transfer in the Type drop-down field. The Type field has been moved to the top of this form.


After selecting Transfer, the form will be shortened allowing you to select the bank account the money is being transferred to/from:


If you use the mass update for this rule - all the appropriate transactions will be explained as a transfer.

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Hi John - was happy to see this till I tried it for the first time just now and, whilst the rule is set up correctly, and the explain screen says it's being used, the "other" account selected for the transfer is incorrect.

I'm presuming the person that tested this was the same one who tested the effect of the bank name reformat on statement imports?

Hi Paul - are you able to send the details through to contact support - I can't seem to re-create this at the moment?

Hi John - I’m on a train now so connection bad. If you want to have a look It was in my April statement with the transfer from gocardless, the rules says transfer from gocardless but the explain screen selects one of my regular bank accounts.

If not will try again later when can get online.

Thanks, Paul - is that for the payment on the 12th April?

Still wrong this morning - have emailed support

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