Announcement: GoCardless changes!

News posted by Tommy Chung 4 years ago

Hi all!

We have introduced a few tweaks to the GoCardless integration:

GoCardless Transaction Fees

GoCardless transaction fees now include VAT which we are accounting for.

You can find out more about the cost of the GoCardless fees below:

The GoCardless transaction fee will now be generated with and on the date GoCardless pay you, rather than the date the invoice is paid by your customer.

The GoCardless transaction fee amount is a combination of fees on ALL transactions made within your GoCardless account. This includes:

  • Transaction fees for payments towards Clear Books invoices.
  • Transaction fees for payments made outside of Clear Books (e.g. if you manually create a direct debit within GoCardless).

The GoCardless transaction fee will also now be generated as a PAY prefixed bill rather than a PUR. PUR is the default prefix for bills which you can customise on the Settings > Configure system > Invoice preferences menu.

In more detail, the PAY bill will Dr Bank charges and Cr GoCardless bank account. You can change both the expense account used (bank charges) and the GoCardless bank account on the Tools > Integrations > GoCardless > Settings menu.

You now have the ability to turn off the automatic handling of GoCardless fees if you want to account for the fees manually.

Direct Debit Mandates

(New updates as of 17/09/2020)

Direct Debit Mandates will now show the following statuses Active / Failed / Expired / Cancelled / Requested on the Tools > Integrations > GoCardless > Mandate menu.

We have now removed the £5k monthly cap and all references to it (although GoCardless still implement a £5K cap per transaction).


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