Announcement: New invoice and dashboard enhancements

News posted by Tommy Chung 4 years ago

Hi all!

We’re pleased to announce new invoice and dashboard enhancements:

1.Invoice Preview

You will now be able to preview your invoice from the invoice creation page.


2.We have now added a ‘cogs’ icon on the invoice/ bills page for ease of access to the Invoice themes, Invoice Preferences and Invoice Settings page.


3.Invoice theme selection preview We have refreshed our invoice themes page (Settings > Configure System > Invoice Themes), so that you can preview our Built-in themes at a glance.


4.Sales and Purchase widget improvement We have now added stacked bar charts to the sales and purchases widgets which will give users’ a visualisation of their paid, due and overdue invoices/ bills. This will allow users’ to quickly visualise potential weekly trends as well as for weekly credit control purposes.


You can also view our: Clear Books Dashboard guide



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Is it possible to turn off the bar charts on the dashboard? They are completely unnecessary for us and just take up space.

Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable the graphs. However, I will pass this feedback onto our Product team to review.


We need to show VAT% in the invoice like 5% or 20% and needs to show the VAT Summary in the bottom, like

Taxable Amount VAT@5% Amount inc VAT 100 5 105

how we can do that?

@Malik: You mean as in a list of all the VAT rates in use in the invoice, along with their subtotals pre tax, and the tax amount (and maybe the sub-total with tax too)? I'm not sure if that's possible, but hopefully someone at ClearBooks can help you.

@ClearBooks: I'd also like the option to turn off the bar charts (as per @Thomas Eccles suggestion), or at least configure then to be calendar months instead of weeks. 80% of my invoicing is done monthly, so weekly charts don't really help.

Also, with the addition of the bar charts, the list of outstanding amounts per customer or supplier is now cut to the top three of each; there used to be at least four (or was it five?). Can we please have at least the top four? Or maybe maybe it configurable. A smaller font size for the list would be fine, imho, with the top four/five in 13px leaving the "Total Outstanding* as is in 15px etc. Something like this:


It would also be a 'nice to have' if the bar chart bars (and elements) were clickable themselves, rather than relying on the pop-up summary. Just an idea! :-)

As a final idea (but for the 'Edit' box on this forum): maybe update the Attach images by dragging and dropping or upload comment at teh bottom of the Edit box to include the Ctrl-V / Cmd-V paste from clipboard option: that's rather easy!

Hi everyone,

@Malik - At current, we will display the net alongside the VAT amount for each VAT rate, please see example below:


@Simon - I really appreciate all your feedback and will pass this onto our Product team, thank you!


Well ... I love the bar charts and so do my clients - so much easier to read than the lines.

Now... I dont suppose you could sort out the CIS pages?

Please let us turn off the charts if we don't want them... I would rather be able to see 10 invoices / bills than half that with some graphs / charts which are pretty useless to be honest

Hello, is it possible to turn off the "new invoice feature" alert/nag bar at the bottom of clearbooks everytime i login or go to a different screen/page please, its driving us mad here. Thanks, Steve

@Steve Buckell: I don't get the "new invoice feature" alert you're mentioning. Can you post a screenshot here?

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