Exciting news: Introducing AI-powered data extraction to Auto Bills

News posted by Pete Jones 6 months ago

We're thrilled to announce an upgrade that's set to elevate your experience with Auto Bills to new heights!

What's New?

With the integration of cutting-edge AI technology, Auto Bills now boasts enhanced data extraction capabilities. Our AI-driven processing boosts the frequency and accuracy of the data extracted from each document.

How Does It Work?

The AI-enhanced data extraction in Auto Bills intuitively understands patterns and reference points from the thousands of invoices and receipts in its data bank.

You don't need to upgrade or switch it on

This update is now live for all users with an active Auto Bills subscription. You can experience the benefits straight away.

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2 Replies

It's definitely got much better at picking up the correct invoice reference and date ?

If you could add a simple delete button on the screen when you are viewing invoices this would make a massive difference.

Thank you for the feedback Simon. Great to hear that the extraction is better.

A delete button when viewing an invoice is a great idea. We’ll look at how we can add this.

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