Minimised Clear Books branding on invoices

News posted by Matthew Brooks 7 years ago

Implemented: June 2014

We have improved your branding on the Clear Books invoices you send out to customers. The Clear Books logo has been made smaller and your logo has been increased in size, ensuring your customers know that the invoice they have received is from you. Your logo and branding is now clearly displayed at the top of your Clear Books invoice.


We always welcome feedback, so we invite your thoughts on the newly adjusted invoices.

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Hi Matthew,

What is this line at the bottom - '* By proceeding with payment you authorize recurring payments and we will attemptto charge your card automatically in the future.' - and how do I get rid of it please?



Hi Simon,

These settings are automatically generated by our system and are therefore not available for editing. You could raise this request as an idea to see if other users would like to see this changed as well.

With kind regards, Simone

But I don't understand - there is no option for any of my customers looking at that page to proceed to any kind of payment or have any recurring payment set up? So why would I want them to see that text referring to those things?

It confuses me, so it is bound to confuse them. It needs to be removed before we can use these pages for customers.

Hi Simon,

I could see the potential confusion this might have on your customers. I will pass your message on to my colleagues.

With kind regards, Simone

I've previously raised this too and had no response - I don't use the CB's invoice template but it appears on statements and makes no sense whatsoever.

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