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New Clear Books Accounts user guide

News posted by Chris Storey 6 years ago

The Clear Books support team have put together a brand new [user guide](http://www.clearbooks.co.uk/themes/revo/images/UserGuide/user-guide-2014-rev1.pdf "Click Me!") to cover the main features of the Clear Books Accounts application.

We’ve made the guide with the assumption that those using it are totally new to Clear Books Accounts, but the guide also allows long-time Clear Books Accounts users to refresh their knowledge of certain features or pass it on to a colleague who is less familiar with the application.

The guide offers help on tasks such as setting up your account for the first time, and explains each tab available on the Accounts dashboard so you know exactly what every feature does. It’s also updated with information and screenshots of all new features that have been added recently

A handy extra feature of the new guide is that there are useful hints and tips for you to use throughout. We've also included an ‘advanced tips’ section, which has 9 useful tips to make your experience more streamlined, to reduce data entry and reduce unnecessary admin work. Clear Books applications are designed to help save you time, and we hope these tips will give you those valuable extra hours to devote to growing your business.

Take a look at the new user guide here:

[Clear Books Accounts user guide](http://www.clearbooks.co.uk/themes/revo/images/UserGuide/user-guide-2014-rev1.pdf "Click Me!")

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