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News posted by Chris Storey 7 years ago

We've made some changes to the bank import tool, making it a bit smarter in the way it deals with duplicates. It will check whether the new statement imported has any payments or receipts which have the same amount, date and description (all three have to match) and delete these automatically.

So for example, we imported a statement for the 30th Oct as shown below:


We then fully explained the statement (although this will work if the statement was left unexplained too).

Next, we import a statement with the same transactions for the 30th Oct plus a few more on this day and some from the 31st Oct too.


If I try to import this statement the system will tell me that some duplicates have been found and have been deleted already.


You can view the transactions that have been deleted by clicking on the See them here button:


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Well done team!

Must agree, used this over the wkd, great feature.

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