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News posted by Chris Storey 10 years ago

In addition to the VAT amount, Clear Books invoices now show the rate of VAT charged per item.


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Nice feature but what about showing the line item numbers as well

Hi Ade,

Good idea. I guess this will make communication easier when you discuss line items with clients.

The same developer who added the tax rate says it should be no more than an hour work, and is willing to do this so long there are no complications.

However, having discussed this in the office one concern is that adding line item numbers will take more space, which is anyways scarce, especially if stock items are involved.

I still feel we should do this, and in the future allow people to enable/disable this by editing the template.

Your views?

As long as you give people the option to turn it on or off and set a default it won't make any difference.

If people are concerned about space they'll switch it off.

We on the other hand, would have it permanently switch on.

From our perspective we would welcome this next feature because it would go further in removing any possibility of confusion when discussing said documents on the phone.

Regards Ade A


Adding ability to switch it off would put this well outside the one hour time-box, which means it will have to compete with many other tasks (that I suspect are more important than this one).

I'll have to do a bit more research on consequences I guess!

Sorry just had an after thought - how about changing the title 'VAT RATE' to 'VAT %' - If you look at the column width ''VAT RATE' takes up, it is massively out of proportion with the maximum number of characters that could ever populate that line item. Using the '%' symbol would effectively gain you two capital letters worth of additional space. Allowing a little more room for the numbers on the other side.....just a thought.

Regards Ade A

Good idea Ade, so far it's all nods here.

On the same note, we consider changing 'Unit price' to 'Price' ('price' already imply it's for a single item).

Sounds good - I've just checked one of Xero's Invoices and they have it completely stripped back - so less is better.

I'm pretty sure "Unit Price" is determined by the user in the invoice theme label, so no need to change the default.

Call me thick, but just noticed the VAT rate column on the invoices. Most of our invoices are flat 20%, but we pass on our consultants' expenses to the client as a single line item (with schedule attached). Since not all items have been charged with VAT (e.g. rail tickets) or I have rounding issues, I use the Manual option to enter the VAT. However, ClearBooks then kindly calculates the percentage for me so the VAT rate ends up being something a bit strange (e.g. 2.37% or 19.99%).

Is there a way to turn this column off?

Thanks, Kali

Hi Kali - quoting the VAT rate on invoices is required by VAT law however, since it was introduced there have been a few rounding issues and the team are currently working on them.

Your example though brings a new dimension to this and so, I agree, if you have created a schedule, showing details of extra charges, the VAT (and VAT rate) then it is part of the invoice and, unless they are all charged at one rate, then something different needs to appear in the rate column on the main invoice. My first thought would be "var" for various?

I'll have a chat with the developers.

Whilst on though I have to ask about the recharges in that, generally, if the expenses being charged to the client are connected with a standard rated supply of services or goods then they should all be at 20%, even ones where the consultants incurred no VAT (like rail tickets). In fact if the consultants are incurring the cost and recharging you, and are VAT registered themselves, they should be adding VAT to all expenses.

There are some expense recharges, known as "disbursements" that can be made "outside the scope" but, from what you say, these don't fall into this category.

Sorry if I have the wrong end of the stick but always best to double check when VAT is concerned.

I've looked at the styling on my invoice and since this change was introduced the VAT rate wraps to 2 lines.

I cannot see what actually defines the table heading widths for some of these, only a couple actually have fixed widths, plus the theme doesn't contain the dynamic fields. Really your theme kit should contain the dynamic fields and then your system hides them when not needed, instead of adding them when needed, otherwise we cannot style it properly!

Seems that some headings have a fixed width while others do not.

I've put a fixed width of 20% on the description column to fix this for now but would be good to be able to style everything properly. Will need to come back to this and amend the styling as all columns are too big and the description a bit too small now :(

Hi James,

Could you post a screenshot of an invoice where this wrapping happens? Alternatively (and better for us), just contact support and point them to the business/invoice number and ask them to assign the ticket to me.

Thanks, Roey

Thanks but I've fixed the wrapping now. Have contacted support already about it - Ticket #68739 - subject "PDF invoices"

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