Time-saving change when explaining payments/ receipts on statements

News posted by Chris Storey 7 years ago

When you are explaining a payment or receipt on an imported statement, after hitting the add transaction button the screen now re-focuses at the bottom of the page. This saves you having to scroll all the way back down before being able to press the ‘add transaction' button again.


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definitely a move in the right direction, but why make us push a second button to confirm ? just allocate the first time should be even quicker (can always delete and go back to the import if pushed in errro)

Hi Martin, this was already request by you in this post if I'm not wrong - we are going to do this, but it was not the quickest fix so didn't make it to this week.

Also martin (and Richard or anyone else seeing this)

Could you please have a look at this post by Kevin and reply with any further improvements you can think of?

We will be dealing with easy fixes for the explain mechanism (and possibly bigger ones in February) so this would be a good time to spell things out.



Positioning of column headers is slightly off just so you know (I think Roey did mention there could be a few formatting errors for the time being).

Kevin, the fix for this is in the queue - should be live by the end of the week.

@Kevin, do you still experience the issue in the screenshot above? Because our logs say it has been fixed.

Haven't noticed it Roey so consider it fixed unless I grumble.

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