What have we done? w.c. 12 Jan 2015

News posted by Roey Izhaki 8 years ago

Explain mechanism

  • Fix: page resets to 1 when pressing consolidate / mess update. Done
  • Users fail to notice/understand the 'Filter explained' link. Change to 'Hide explained' and place closer to the table. Done
  • Fix: Filter explained should not reset itself. See post. Done
  • Add bill reference from list of proposed bills. See post. Done

Bank statement imports

  • Reliably import large files (upwards of 500 transactions). Still in progress


  • Fix: Filters should stay on or off. See post. In testing
  • Filters under purchases should be the same as under invoices. In testing

Date fields

Cashflow report

  • Issue fixes. In progress


  • Implement EU VAT regulation. In progress

Final Accounts

  • Solve final issues with beta version.
  • Internal acceptance (user) testing for beta version.

New dashboard / tables design.

Lightweight CRM

  • Basic customer report.

Other improvements

  • Pagination to appear both at top and bottom where it doesn't. Done
  • Streamline design of field add-buttons, and allow users to edit a customer once selected (eg, when adding an invoice). In testing
  • Allow group admins remove lesser privileged users from an account.
  • Default sales VAT rate for invoices.
  • Fix: Broken API for multi currency. In progress

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